What are the most common reasons for tire damage?

People who own a car know how frustrating it is when tire damage happens. Tires are very expensive and one can’t afford to buy them every month. However, in case you strand on the road with a damaged car tire then you should not worry. In that situation, you can decide to get Roadside Assistance in Delhi NCR. These service providers come to your location and repair your damaged tire on the spot. Furthermore, many people don’t know about the most common reasons that are responsible for tire damage. Thus, in this post, we are giving you the most common causes of tire damage.

Tire damage comes in various forms and severity. Though, if you get the tires changed every time when there is damage, then you won’t be finding the main cause of the problem. So, given below are the most common ways a tire can be damaged.

  1. Over or Under Inflation

If tires are overinflated then they may start to suffer from center wear. This can cause wide or deep indentations in the bead area of the tires. This can’t be spotted easily because it is difficult to see the center of the tires. But you can take a look under the rim of the car. There you can see a flat strip on the circumference that has worn down. Also, to avoid damage in the future you should wary of how much you can inflate the tires of your car. In addition to this, underinflated tires sag and on the edges of the tire cause extra wear. So, you must be sure that you have inflated them enough for working on the roads effectively.

  1. Bumping Curbs

Sharp turns and parallel parking can have a severe impact between your tires and the curb. Usually, the sidewalls of the tires are not designed by the manufacturing company for this type of extreme impact. Moreover, bumping into the cement or rubbing against curbs frequently leads to cracks or overall weakening of the rubber of the tire. Thus, for preventing this issue, you must take turns with caution and in case of an emergency when tires are damaged then it’s good to go for the Roadside Assistance in Delhi NCR.

  1. Misalignment

‘Cause Wear’ of a tire can be caused by misalignment. In this situation, the tires worn down on the outer side excessively. Furthermore, this type of tire damage is more obvious than most, as well as the driver will feel some difference while driving. Therefore, to rectify this issue, you should have a wheel alignment completed on your car, if not, it will damage the tires of a car on a continuous basis.

# Final Words

Tire damage can happen anytime without the driver being instantly aware there is a problem. So, in this situation, it’s also a good decision to choose the best roadside assistance in Delhi NCR. There are expert technicians who bring the proper tools to repair the car damage at nominal rates. Apart from this, we hope that by going through this post you will understand well about the most common reasons for tire damage.

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