Movierulz is a website for piracy considered to encourage users to download pirated films. This infamous online portal will stream before it is released or shown in theatre the hottest films of Language, Bollywood, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamill and Telugu. With TV shows and internet series becoming more and more popular on TV channels and online streaming sites.

They are available for download on Movierulz illegally now. On those sites audiences will definitely be able to enjoy absolute free, often full HD films online. But, the producers and actors constantly asked the audience not to support piracy at location like Movierulz and instead to watch film in theatre.

Movierulz Formats:

You will get films in various formats on Movierulz. It offers all these quality qualities in HD, 140p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p. It also offers films based on 150MB, 250MB, 350MB, 450MB, 700MB and 1.2GB.

Movierulz Languages:


Movierulz is initially popular for the piracy of Tamil and Telugu films. Films are available on Movierulz in all major categories and languages.

Below is a list of available languages in Movierulz 2023:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Punjabi
  • Marathi


SSR Movie


In India-Movierulz:

The government of India has blocked sites like Movierulz because the piracy in India is illegal, but this failed to stop the film leaks on such sites. In order to escape the ban, the Movierulz website continues to transform its domain name expansion regularly and maintains its illegality with several videos from different film industries. The platform allows users to download complete movies online, either in camera or in HD prints.

How famous was this site?

Though this is a pirated film website, the platform Movierulz plz torrent has gained huge popularity for its film collection. They will likely be the only platform that will support more national language movies than any other website launched. They managed to directly download some of the highest quality prints of the pirated films from. This is one of the reasons why people return time and time for this website.

Benefits of this Site:

  1. This website has a rather simple design which means that when you browse the website, you should not be confused.
  2. The search bar in the top right of the web site is a simple method for searching your favourite movies. In addition, the website has distinct categories for films in accordance with language and genre.
  3. However the highlight of this website is the films section. This is all the latest films, particularly in the trending world, you’ll probably need to watch.
  4. The website includes portions of all the movies you’d like to watch. This makes this a trustworthy choice for regular use.
  5. It is not that innovative in its overall style. But if you want an easy website to watch some of your favourite movies, this is the website you need.

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What Categories are Available on Movierulz?

Movierulz deals in following categories of movies:

  1. Hollywood Movies
  2. Bollywood HD Movies
  3. Tamil Dubbed Movies
  4. Malayalam HD Movies
  5. Telugu HD Movies

How to Download Movies on this Site?

The primary reason for so much success on this website is due to the content of the films. Other than that, the consistency and speed of your download has made it the heart of one of the best movie websites for downloading. The Website even works with various browsers, Chrome and even Opera Mini. The Website also works better in incognito mode, which is another reason why it’s not difficult to stream movies. It is not that hard to download movies.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Start with an active domain visit and visit your homepage.
  2. After you have visited the website, you can either view the film in the search bar, or manually view any of the films from the listed categories.
  3. Then press the movie you want to download and then download it via the download link in the Torrent file.
  4. After that the download would automatically reduce the risk of failure or obstruction.

Movierulz in Telugu:

Movierulz, describes the site as head of the pirated world of movies. Piracy has formed itself because it has been selling a service free of costs for a decade and because most of us tend to retail cash in order to turn it into these illicit websites and to purchase the switched digital booty. As a consequence, one must face drastic consequences.  You can select platform if you want to collect certain download pages.

Movierulz is a public website with pirated copies available. It is a regular Internet website that distributes recently started productions from various movie industries and allows customers to play complete films online in 360 p, 720 p, or 1080 p HD formats. While felony specialists recommend that it should be illegal for free to stream, download or watch HD online movies, consumers can decide on this website.

Movierulz App in 2023:

Movierulz also has an Android app to stream films free of charge, apart from a website. The application has a wide array of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, English and web series. Both of them and mount them in different formats. Movierulz is a piracy / torrent programme, it is not on the Google Play Store officially. Therefore the programme cannot be downloaded from the play store. However it can be easily accessed using third-party sources, as with all unauthorised software.

Here are some Movierulz app details:

  1. App Name: Movierulz
  2. 1.4 MB of file size
  3. Release v3.0
  4. Android 4.0 & Above Criteria
  5. Telugu, Hindi and English
  6. Free License

It can also be downloaded from third-party sources except Movierulz, Android and iOS for other piracy websites.

How to Download Movierulz App on Mobiles?

To download and enjoy the new releases for Movierulz  Android app. Further measures below are:-

  1. First visit the new website of “Movierulz”
  2. Then click on the link to the application download.
  3. Upload your Android phone with the.apk file.
  4. Tap the file downloaded and install “Movierulz.apk.”

Importance of Movierulz App:

You’ll find many features and independence in Movie rulz.

It was each labelled as follows:

  1. You won’t cost anything to access the Telugu Movie rulz website. Films and even free TV shows are also available.
  2. Movierulz is an internet service, meaning that the software programme is not used and always substituted for its purpose.
  3. Movierulz’s contents differ depending on the region. For example, in Punjab, a person in contrast to the person in Karnataka receives one kind of content material and suggestions. The key rule is that the kingdom and its respective movie industry want Movie rulz.
  4. Videos and movies in Movie rulz are very smooth and you can see films on an entirely continuous basis.
  5. This website’s user interface is basic but elegant. Anyone can quickly recognise the site’s architecture and shape.
  6. Movie rulz also provides the best features for autoplay. This means that Movie rulz strikes the next episode mechanically, apart from what you do.
  7. Both new Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films can be found in the Movie rulz application without any difficulty. You can’t download this from the Play Store, but you can download this in an APC format from Google.
  8. Movierulz’s other magnificent function is that besides films, you can also watch many current and famous television shows and even stream channels.


  1. By pirating a film, you rob filmmakers mainly of their final result of difficult work immediately. You therefore regulate the use of websites such as  Movie rulz.
  2. The Indian Government has prohibited these websites thus providing online platforms such as Movie rulz, but it is still not able to prevent the leakage of films on such websites.
  3. Some pirated variations have bugs that allow privacy loss and data theft.
  4. Many popular websites such as Movie rulz serve malware to their website users via the provision and download of malicious data, according to Security Affairs.

Final Words:

We recommend that you invest your time on this platform in the event you are in the mood for full films to screen offline. The website provides a selection of great films that can be viewed in good quality. The website is also encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about your results. Every final detail you possibly will need to know about the website, so be sure to do it thoroughly.