Top 3 Hill Stations In India To Enjoy A Hot Bowl Of Maggi

When someone mentions comfort food, the first name that comes to our mind is instant noodles. Be it summer, monsoon or winter – we have survived on Maggi when we were dead broke, it has been our breakfast staple, and a quick, sumptuous midnight snack. However, who would have thought it would also be something that we would look forward to while planning a holiday in the hills?

Served steaming hot, with a healthy dose of eggs, tomatoes, onions and other condiments—a bowl of Maggi in the hills has a different charm altogether. What is the super-secret ingredient that makes it so, so delicious? Be it Kasol, Manali, Mussoorie, Simla, or Rishikesh—every hill station has a small tea stall known for its spin on instant noodles! Here we have listed three of the very best for you.

1. Mussoorie, Doom Gaon:

Doom Gaon

Planning a trip to Doom Gaon? You must stop on your way at Mussoorie Road. With stacks of tea stalls serving Maggi, this is one of India’s famous instant points. A number of tourists stop here just to taste the delicious Maggi and bread omelette served with oodles of butter here. You should also make it a point to try out the Lovely Omelette Centre. This small cubbyhole apparently serves the best omlettes in the country—or that’s what most people declare.

2. Shimla, Hasan Valley:

Hassan Valley

Holidaying in Shimla—with its snow-capped mountain peaks and green pastures—dishes out another reason for visiting the hills as soon as possible. Maggi! Just before you enter Hasan Valley, there are tiny tea stalls that serve piping hot bowls of some scrumptious Maggi.  If can also find many hotels in Shimla with an incredible view of the mountains.

3. Sikkim, Yumesamdong:


Yumesamdong, also known as Zero Point, is one of those places that serve only Maggi. The weather is so harsh, and so cold, that you need this bowl of warm comfort food while you are sitting roughly 154 km from Gangtok! Zero Point remains covered in a sheet of sparkling white snow throughout the year, and if you’re unaccustomed to travelling to such spiralling heights, rush straight to the small stalls that line the road serving large bowls of this yummy goodness!

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