Coolest things to do in North East India

A heaven on earth… a fantasy of each explorer, North-East India is the home to a portion of the enthralling natural wonders! From the sky-kissing Himalayas to the mighty Brahmaputra, endless tea gardens to a floating lake, living root-bridge to the largest river island on the planet, one can track down every one of the marvels of nature in this region of the country. 

While in this hallway of India, one can discover plenty of spots to travel, activities and experience also. From rafting in the Brahmaputra to trekking the elevated Everest Peak, lazing around the evergreen tea-gardens to paragliding, exploring notable spots to wildlife spotting, this locale is a center for a wide range of activities. Suppose you haven’t been to North-East India yet, here are some coolest things that can help you change your mind!

Visit Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Assam in the North-East is genuinely a pixie land, and situated in this land is the Kaziranga National Park or the lone natural home of the endangered One-horned Rhinos in the whole world. On a visit to this wildlife-protected area, detect these rare wildlife species from a close range and make your North-East outing memorable!

River Rafting

For those, who can’t discover their adrenaline kicks in the grandiose mountains or the sky, they should visit the North-East at their soonest. One, yet this area is the homestead of a few captivating rivers that offers every one of the incomparable difficulties to the river rafter. The Brahmaputra flowing through Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, the Teesta and Rangit rivers in Sikkim offer a portion of the enraged rapids in the country. Rafters can discover rapids going from Grade-I to Grade-IV in this piece of the country!

Biking Expedition

The tight yet engaging terrains, the limited at this point glimmering passes, the twisting yet vivacious streets make North East India, a heaven for the bikers. While the lavish and pleasant meadows pull in the fledgling bikers, the sky-contacting pinnacles and mountains in North East captivate the bad-to-the-bone bikers from across the globe. Among every one of the 8 states, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh are the two most famous biking destinations around here.


Home to the radiant Himalayan Ranges, this region of the nation is known to be perhaps the most mainstream district for trekking in India. Trekking in North-East India isn’t only a standard adventure action, but on the other hand, it makes a difference to test your trekking skills and senses! Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, and Meghalaya are the home to probably the most exciting just as adrenaline-pumping trekking courses in the country.

Adventure Fishing

The Subansiri River that originates from the Himalayan Ranges of Tibet and passes through the grand province of Arunachal Pradesh, is a much sought-after place for angling or adventure fishing. Among the other North-Eastern destinations, the Jia Bharali River flowing through the Nameri National Park is additionally an ideal place for this adventurous sport. Brilliant Mahseer, Trout, Catfish, and Goonj are the regular game fish found in these areas.

Walk over the Living Root Bridge

Like some other states in the North-Eastern corridor, Meghalaya additionally brags of its immaculate magnificence, perfect nature, and native cultures. The locals of this state not exclusively put forth a valiant effort to conserve the magnificence of Mother Nature, yet additionally shares a solid bond with it. Furthermore, this can be seen through their affection, holding, and commitment towards the Living Root Bridges. Formed naturally by the roots, branches, and shoots of the trees, the locals worship these bridges and think about them as a glorious blessing from Mother Nature.


Who doesn’t wish to fly sometime in the future? Whenever posed this inquiry, the appropriate response will be ‘none’! On the off chance that you likewise have a fantasy about flying, come to Sikkim, the captivating place where there are snow-clad pinnacles, picturesque meadows, murmuring rivers, and carefree locals, and satisfy everything you could ever want. Fly over these transcending tops, appreciate the higher perspective of the pictorial valleys, and the sentiment of the sky more than ever!

Visit the Floating Lake

The Loktak Lake or the ‘Floating Lake’ is one of nature’s wonders in Manipur! Situated in the Manipuri city called Moirang, it is the lone floating lake in the world. Not simply this, it is additionally the home to Keibul Lam Jao National Park, the lone floating public park in the whole world. Words can simply depict the charming excellence of this lake; one needs to visit this glorious lake in Manipur!

North-east India is a true heaven on Earth. Nature and scenic beauty here are rare and can be witnessed at no other place on Earth. So, if you are wondering why to visit this beautiful place on Earth, the above activities shall help you in making the right decision. 

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