Blockchain Architect Certification — Why You Need it in 2021?

The need for skilled blockchain professionals is increasing continuously with the adoption of blockchain technology. Enterprises have to find experts with the knowledge and industry expertise in designing blockchain solutions for them. As enterprise leaders constantly strive to discover new talent for their blockchain initiatives, aspiring professionals are looking up to certifications. 

A blockchain architect certification could be the most helpful resource for you to get hands-on lucrative blockchain solutions architect jobs. However, is it reasonable to trust certifications blindly for your career? Blockchain architects are important for every enterprise in blockchain adoption. If you want to know more about the importance of blockchain architect certification in 2021, keep reading this article.

The following discussion will help you find an answer by illustrating the most important reasons for which you need a blockchain solutions architect certification in 2021.

Importance of Blockchain Architect 

Blockchain architect, the title itself is quite lucrative and makes a perfect addition to any professional portfolio. So, what is the role of a blockchain architect in the blockchain ecosystem? Will it be easy for you to take on the duties in the role of enterprise blockchain architect? Therefore, it is important to understand the responsibility of an enterprise blockchain solutions architect before choosing the path. 

  • Blockchain solutions architects have to create core blockchain components that are involved in existing and future blockchain solutions.  
  • Blockchain architects must have updated knowledge of the industry.
  • As a blockchain architect, you must collect information on client requirements and devise action plans for proposed technical solutions.
  • Most important of all, solutions architects also have to take leadership of the architecture design while collaborating with the development team. 
  • Enterprise blockchain solutions architects also work on improved engineering practices for offering better transparency in team operations. 

Reasons to Go For Blockchain Certification

A blockchain architect certification simply helps you prove that you have all these skills. Now, it is important to note that an enterprise blockchain certification is not just proof of your skills. Here is an outline of the reasons why certification is important for your career as a blockchain architect in 2021.

  • Highest In-demand Blockchain Job

Any enterprise looking to adopt blockchain technology will search for people with the ability to design a system for them. After all, it is the foundation for a blockchain ecosystem for an organization. There is no dearth of information on blockchain around the internet, and it is easy to get blockchain solutions from the open-source community. However, businesses need someone to help them understand what exactly they are dealing with while working with a blockchain solution. Therefore, blockchain solutions architects are the ideal requirements in this case.

Blockchain solutions architect certification can be the credential that would command promising command over an organization’s blockchain adoption strategy. So, it can definitely give your blockchain career a favorable chance.

  • Commitment to Blockchain

The study and preparation required for blockchain architect certification is also a promising aspect of qualified candidates. Certified candidates have to put many days and countless hours into preparing for the exam. At the same time, candidates go through a vast body of literature required for different exam topics. Therefore, the blockchain certification not only gives you the opportunity to prove your skills but also broadens your scope of knowledge. Employers recognize the efforts of candidates in qualifying a blockchain certification as a favorable professional trait. 

  • Access to Professional Experience

The next important reason for pursuing a blockchain solutions architect certification is the interaction with real-world scenarios. Certification training courses and hands-on labs could offer a critical level of support for all candidates. These courses and learning materials help candidates know more about industry terminology. In addition, certification training also improves the possibilities for learning more about applying the learned skills to real problems. 

  • Membership of Professional Communities

The critical factor as a value advantage of blockchain enterprise architect certification is professional community involvement. Reaching out to professional communities becomes easier with a professional blockchain certification. In the long run, membership in blockchain communities can help in finding better employment opportunities. At the same time, exclusive access to blockchain communities can improve the possibilities for widening industry knowledge. 

As you can notice, blockchain certifications have unique advantages for all aspiring candidates. Certifications show the capabilities of an individual to take the specifications from a client and design solutions that can offer desired performance. 

Are You Ready to Become a Blockchain Solutions Architect?

If you want to start your blockchain career in 2021, then you should choose the 101 Blockchains blockchain solutions architect certification. The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect or CEBA certification on 101 Blockchains is presently a crucial alternative for finding a suitable career path. 

In the future, blockchain is the norm, and practical applications show promising evidence for the same. Therefore, blockchain certification can also ensure that you are prepared for a career that could sustain in the future. The reputation of 101 Blockchains in blockchain training and certification ensures that you get the best insights and knowledge to take your career ahead. Visit the website right now and check out more about the CEBA certification.       

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