4 Card Games That You Can Enjoy Online

Games have been a source of entertainment for a long time, and the pandemic has only emphasized their significance. People around the globe found joy during the lockdowns by playing riddle and mind puzzle games like the viral riddle Mr Smith Had Four Daughters, which we’ve highlighted in a previous article.

Card games also found a new relevance under the pandemic as old time classics as well as new trends shifted to the virtual platform. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these available online.

Cards Against Humanity

Popular even before the pandemic, Cards Against Humanity challenges one’s wits and creative thinking as players come up with funny answers to random questions. While you can choose to play solo against an AI, or even print the cards out to play in real life, AllBad.cards provides the option to play online and in real time with friends.

They follow the same mechanics where you are provided a set of cards — white for answers and black for questions — and players take turns answering prompts from black cards with their white cards. The funniest combination wins, and the most exciting part of the game is that victory is often subjective.


Another favorite, UNO has moved to an online version that allows you to play on your browser with players worldwide.

The cards are shuffled and seven are distributed to each player. The first player picks the top card from the remaining draw pile and by turns, every player must play a card to match by color, number, or symbol. If you can’t match it, you have to draw a card. A player wins when they no longer have any card left — don’t forget to yell out “Uno!” when down to one card.


Poker has always fascinated players thanks to its multiple variations. The consistent fundamentals of poker hand rankings, as well as betting and bluffing, make it a timeless classic that’s flourished online.

Picking up the game can be a little tricky. The mechanics are simple enough but it is only through practice that one gets better. Poker.org recommends checking out online forums and has many articles on tips and strategies for winning: from when to play a balanced range to understanding when to go all in.

Unlike Uno, which requires a lot of luck, poker values skill. As players immerse themselves in poker, they can also improve their discipline, critical thinking, and even math skills.


The rules are straightforward but the stakes can be high — Blackjack is yet another crowd favorite along with poker. It’s played with 1 to 12 players and can be played in real-time with friends online on Cardzmania.com.

The goal is to have the value of your cards get as close to 21 without going over. All players, including the opponent or the ‘house’, are provided an initial card, face up, then another card, face down. They have the choice to ‘hit’ and request another card, or ‘stand’ and keep their hand.

Afterwards, the cards are revealed, along with the winners and the losers. Every round is sure to keep you on your toes.

Challenging yet simple, playing cards are definitely here to stay, especially with the Internet making it easier to play with friends. For more lifestyle, tech, and entertainment tips, make sure to check out our other posts in Doubtone.com and stay, pun-intended, ahead of the game.

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